About Rosanne

Rosanne Hawk

About Rosanne

Even when I was little I would run around with a jotter and a pencil, trying to write a story but...

Dad and Me

Dads are so important to our sense of identity. I was always following Dad around the farm when I was little and sometimes it got me into trouble

Celtic Daughters

For fun I play with Dearne Prior, who plays violin and Liz Fahlbusch, who plays recorder in the group, Celtic Daughters.

Books & Publishing

Riding the Wind

Riding the Wind

A memoir cum writing book to be released in May 2019. Dedicated to Mark Worthing and to my students at Tabor Adelaide.
Coming soon.  Preorder now

Coming soon. Preorder now

Chandani and the Ghost of the Forest is a picture book for lower Primary set in the mountains in Northern Pakistan