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I began writing through storytelling but I learned to write through reading. To find out how that can happen, click on the button How I learned to Write by Reading.

What else can reading do besides make us better writers?

Here are some things I think about reading:

It takes me on an adventure or into a mystery.


Reading gives a sense of belonging and comfort when you do it together.


Reading is relaxing.


Reading enriches your life.


It helps you to see how others think and feel and how they live their lives.


Reading makes you more compassionate and understanding.


Reading can make you a good friend.


It gives you new ideas, and makes you better at your schoolwork.


It can make you happier.


Reading pretty much helps everything, like laughing, it’s nice medicine.

I think Reading is so important I became a Premier's Reading Challenge Ambassador so I can help encourage young people to read. Click on the Premier's Reading Challenge button to find how your school can be involved.

Here are some of my favourite pics of people reading.

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The greatest part of a writer’s time is spent in reading in order to write. A man will turn over half a library in order to write.                                                   Samuel Johnson

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