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Camels like books too. And kissing. Ever had a camel kiss? When we lived in the United Arab Emirates for a few years we saw many camels. they have ended up in some of my stories.

Caramel reading_edited.jpg

Cats like books too. Many books have been written by cats including The Travelling Cat Chronicles by Hiro Arikawa.


Objects often give me an idea for a story. Is there anything in your house that is an interesting object that could start a story for you? An old photograph? A coin? A hat? A map?

Across the Creek2_edited.jpg

Places are very important for me when writing a story. I usually have  go to the place the story is set to write about it well and then I get lots of ideas. Sometimes a little detail about the place that I notice makes my setting seem more real to me.

Is there a place near you that makes you think up stories?


What do you think this girl has found? Who is she? What could happen? Where is she? Try writing a quick story.

Writing Tips

Here are some writing tips to keep practicing writing. Also, a few papers I have written for those who may be interested. Picture This are fun writing exercises I compiled for my younger students.



One of my favourite quotes about writing is from Katherine Paterson:

Beauty is defined by physicists as having simplicity, harmony, and brilliance. Those are also the properties that author Katherine Paterson feels are crucial to good writing; brilliance being ‘the light that a book sheds not only on itself but beyond itself to other stories and other lives. (Zinsser in Riding the Wind, p42.)

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