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Dear Pakistan

Book 1 of the Beyond Borders series. Jaime Richards has been raised in Pakistan and returns to Australia to attend high school. Returning to Australia feels like coming to another planet. How on earth will she navigate customs like dating and going to the movies which is nor allowed in Pakistan? 

Themes: Cultural identity, Culture Shock, Third Culture Kids (TCK), Detention centres, Racism, Religion, Refugees and asylum seekers. What does it mean to be Australian? Worldview.

Awards: This book was a Notable Book in 1996 as Re-entry.

Shortlisted in CROW awards 1996 as Re-entry.

Published 2023

Wombat Books


Also available as audio & eBook

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This book is available in other formats: Large Print & Dyslexic at Read How You Want. Click the Other Formats button to purchase.

In the blog article you'll see a pic of the author at Khyber Pass with Afghanistan in the distance.

What people are saying

Rosanne Hawke writes movingly of relocation. She is able to engage the feelings of the reader as the main character goes through the trauma of separation and removal.

            Fran Knight, Magpies

A beautifully crafted story and a memorable read.

            Pegi Williams

This is the first book I have seen written from the perspective of a thoughtful girl who after learning to fit into and alien society has to go through the same process in her own. It's fascinating.

             H Nowicka, reading Time

A clever twist on the now well-worn theme of immigrant experience.

             John Murray, Magpies

In an incredibly unique and yet genuine and readable way this book gives insight into cross-cultural work, some of the challenges encountered, and  - I have discovered - can really help people we well as being an enjoyable read. I especially have recommended  it to teens & young adults who have been involved or will be involved themselves cross-culturally, or who are children of cross-cultural workers. I say this not only from experience of others but also my own.

              Sean Boucher, WEC International

 The strong character of Jaime will strike a chord with many teenagers who may feel they don't belong.

          Tina Cavanough, Viewpoint            


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