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Alex: Through My Eyes

Thirteen-year-old Alex lives on a drought-affected property in South Australia with his mum, his dad, his kelpie dog Tangi and colt Jago. For years it hasn’t rained enough for them to put a hay crop in. And while all the farmers in the area are suffering, Alex’s dad is struggling more than most. As the drought stretches on, Alex helps his mum with the farm work while longing for the father he once knew. 


Friendship, Climate change and upcycling, rural mental health

Published 2023

Allen & Unwin


Release date: September 2023

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What people are saying

Terrific book Rosanne – I love that the kids are so authentic especially. I know readers are going to love this one as much as the others – and how good for those kids out on properties to see themselves and their families and be able to make connections. 

Sue Warren

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Rosanne Hawke you always write a great book, and I read most of them. Alex has everything. Hope, joy, loss, incapacity, over coming hardship, friendship and community working together. I am so glad I read it and can’t wait to share it with my grandchildren.

Margaret Rose, retired teacher/librarian

Alex is such a great story.

 A wonderful story yet again. A heartrending and compelling addition to the Through My Eyes Australia Disaster Zones series. 


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