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Pepper Masalah and the Temple of Cats

Pepper Masalah & Zamir land in ancient Egypt where everybody loves cats especially Pepper. They even want to make her into a mummy!

Themes: Ancient Egypt, friendship, adventure, fantasy

Published 2023

Wombat Books


What people are saying


Pepper is a brave and courageous cat and nothing will stop her from protecting Zam and her carpet. My favourite character is Zam because he saves Pepper. My favourite cat fact is Pepper’s slow blink which is a sign that she's friendly. I recommend this book to people who enjoy adventure, cats and magic. I am honoured to have this book dedicated to me by my loving Nanna.

Xavier Reich, 10 years


Readers who loved the magic and playfulness of the Tashi series, would also love Pepper and her friend Zamir. The concept has broad appeal: mystery, adventure, travel, exotica, and three very memorable characters: Pepper Masalah, Zamir and the Flying Carpet.

NSW State Library 


Pepper book 2 is a real page turner, very exciting, very clever, great plot. Lots of great research. I couldn’t put it down.

Gary Hawke

What a great way to introduce young children to history and other cultures. Rosanne Hawke has combined an imaginative story with time travel...the book has large font with simple text and adventures which are gripping. Along with cartoon type drawings from Jasmine Berry. This is a most enjoyable and relaxing way for children to learn about fascinating aspects of history. Introducing geography and simple magic make this a pleasure to read. 

Grasshopper2 at Blue Wolf Reviews

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