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The War Within

Book 2 of the Beyond Borders Series. Australian teenager, Jaime Richards, returns to her dear Pakistan The old world charm is still there  but Jaime no longer feels safe and confident in this new Pakistan. Taken at gunpoint into Afghanistan, Jaime, Jasper and Liana are caught up in a shadowy secret world of intrigue.  
For Jaime this trip is to prove painful enough to change her life forever, yet rest the ghosts of her past. Despite the sombre cover this novel is a gripping adventure.

Themes: Grief management, Women's rights, War, Volunteers abroad, Landmines, Conservation issues e.g. solar ovens, Re-building a country, Refugees, Asylum seekers

Published 2017

Rhiza Edge


This book is available in other formats: Large Print & Dyslexic at Read How You Want. Click the Other Formats button to purchase.


In the blog article you'll see a pic of the author at Khyber Pass with Afghanistan in the distance. 

What people are saying

A challenging novel about war, politics and the Muslim world. Teenagers mature during the course of dramatic events as they work through their grief, fears and need to belong.

         Cecile Ferguson, Lollipops - What On for Kids?


This book should be compulsory reading for students studying politics or society based subjects.

          Lesley White, teacher, Fiction Focus

This is more than an adventure. Besides the issues of grief, culture and war, it explores the need for third culture kids to return to the place where they grew up, in order to fully adjust in adult life ... Rosanne's observations of the TCK experience are profound.

          Beth Wyse, TEAMworld

Rosanne Hawke brings to life memorable characters and a colourful and exotic setting in this fast moving adventure story, a real page turner that grabs you by the scruff of the neck and drags you through the action. Full of suspense and intrigue, it's about faith, courage and friendship in the face of confusion, violence, grief and hostility. It's realistic, yet refreshingly optimistic, and thoroughly readable. I found it a satisfying and rewarding novel.

         Kate Graham, Youth Express

All the elements of successful cinema are present in [The War Within]: the exotic location, a developing love story, a kidnap, death and fighting, even family reunion. A real breath of fresh air, another taste of the Aladdin story for me.

         Lorraine Marwood, Alive Magazine

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