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Pepper Masalah and the Giant Bird

This is the third book in the Pepper Masalah series.

Pepper Masalah and Zamir fly over Afghanistan when a huge bird called the Simurgh grabs Pepper and whisks her off to a mountain nest of giant eggs. The carpet spirals out of control, crashes into a tree and rips. Explore fantasy, friendship and daring escapades as Zamir and Pepper take flight on a journey around the world!

Themes: Afghan content, fantasy, friendship, kindness.

Published 2023

Wombat Books


What people are saying

"With her usual flair, Rosanne blends history and legend and myth throughout the story as Pepper Masalah is whisked of in adventures around the has broad appeal: adventure, travel, exotica and very memorable characters"
Jacinta Di Mase

Vivid and evocative, Pepper Masalah is refreshing. Rosanne Hawke is a master at blending cultures and taking us along for the ride. What a pleasure to meet new friends and join the grand adventure.

—Nancy Jackson, author and educator

This is a great new series for junior to middle primary students...This is an easy-to-read story about family, friendship, animal bonds and helping others, that will be loved by those who have a vivid imagination!

Sam at Lamont Books 

This story cleverly contrasts life in Australia with conditions in an unspecified part of the Arabian Peninsula. We see most of the action from Pepper’s point of view which should appeal to cat lovers. The back of the book has two useful pages of factual information about cat behaviour and a very amusing newspaper page with articles about ‘boy and cat disappear in freak storm’, and also a word list of Arabic from the Arabian Peninsula.

All in all a very appealing package for newly independent readers made more so by the black-and-white illustrations sprinkled through the pages. Look out for the sequel Pepper Masalah and the Temple of Cats and Pepper Masalah and the Giant Bird coming out later this year.

Mia Macrossan at Storylinks

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