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Background Story & Research

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Pepper Masalah knew he was a prince. His purr was like a comforting generator. I'd wake up with him purring on my pillow. Purring is a beautiful and peaceful way to wake.
He also loved carpets and slept on one I'd bought in Pakistan, by the fire in the winter and under the fan in the summer. It wasn't long before I put cat and carpet together. I had written a historical fantasy set in Mughal India in 1661 and had done a lot of research on flying carpets. 

Then I wrote the first story: Pepper Masalah and the Flying carpet. A story about a cat and a carpet which I longed to do since I was six years old.

What do you think it would be like flying on a carpet? Where would you go? What could happen? Who could go with 
you? Write or draw.


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