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The Truth about Peacock Blue

Accused of blasphemy! Captivating, shocking, yet uplifting. Inspired by a heart-wrenching true story. YA novel set in Pakistan. 

Themes: human rights, social justice, religious freedom, Pakistani culture

Published 2015

Allen & Unwin


Also published in Dutch

This book is available in other formats: Large Print, Dyslexic

and Braille at Read How You Want. Click the Other Formats button to purchase.

What people are saying

This book is a call to action.

            Julie Thorndyke, Reading Time


I loved this book. Heart-wrenchingly captivating, Aster’s story gives you an insight into the world of belonging to a minority faith and the challenges and religious intolerance that comes with it. This is a beautiful book, and I would recommend it to anyone who wants a brilliantly written novel about a true fight for justice.

              Naomi, age 13


Once again Rosanne Hawke has written an emotive, fast moving and insightful novel. The reader gets an in-depth view of life in a repressed country with all the cultural, social and religious  nuances at play in the lives of her characters. By the end of the book the reader has a strong sense of the utter hopelessness of her fellow prisoners but also of Aster’s hope under-girded by her strong Christian faith.

Highly recommended.

              Trevor Hampel, blogger, reviewer


I immediately fell in love with Aster, aka Peacock Blue, who is a highly intelligent narrator. ... Rosanne Hawke’s writing style is simple and has a steady pace that keeps the pages turning. The plot never feels sluggish or slow; Hawke has great timing when adding complications, and the story slowly builds to a satisfying ending. And while the ending was not happy, it left me feeling inspired to help make a difference.

Full of unique observations about faith, injustice and racism, The Truth About Peacock Blue, is a thought-provoking and inspiring novel.
              Emma Stubley, Good Reading Magazine, November, 2015


I have long been a fan of Rosanne Hawke’s gentle approach to storytelling. Her latest release The Truth About Peacock Blue, does not disappoint. In fact, in this novel we see Hawke at her very best, leading readers into vividly drawn worlds in which her characters, despite being small of voice, manage to speak loudly and poignantly to her audience.

         From the very first page this is a story which quietly aches.

The Truth About Peacock Blue, is a timely novel highlighting with immense sensitivity the reality of the turbulent times we now live in. Rosanne Hawke engages with these issues honestly, in a manner that will incite open discussion, whilst communicating a hope-filled message that uplifts and will frequently inspires positive engagement in today’s youth. 

              Tanya Grech Welden, OzBooks4Teachers

The cultural setting of the story is very well described and the complexities of Aster’s situation are explored with both compassion and integrity. As the story progresses Aster grows not just in courage, but also in her sense of identity and faith. Although the ending may not be as ‘happy’ as some readers would like, it is certainly truthful to similar situations taking place around the globe and contains much hope and anticipation of change.

        This novel is beautifully written, thought-provoking and remarkably encouraging despite it’s heart-ache. It’s suitable for readers 13 years and up, but don’t be put off by the YA classification. This is a good read for grownups too and certainly very topical.

                Penny Jaye, author of Out of the Cages


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