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The Last Virgin in Year 10

The Last Virgin in Year 10 is a young adult novel exploring sexuality and purity. What would you do if you were Caz and the coolest guy in Year 11 wanted to take you out? 

The Last Virgin in Year Ten is a novel about finding the courage

to be yourself. 

Published 2006

Lothian Books


Out of Print, a few available from the author

What people are saying

'The Last Virgin in Year 10'  is challenging, confronting, compelling.  It's a contemporary story of adolescent confusion and choices.  Its characters are convincing, cool and uncool.  Cassandra, 15, wants to be with the in crowd.  But she is uncomfortable with her conscience.  There's a Cornish connection, of course, and a Celtic thread, city and country customs and values, clubs too – night club, surf club and a youth club in a café.  There's kissing and what comes after.

Rosanne cleverly combines family and school, church and beach scenes, poetry, music lessons and concerts. This book will bring comfort and reassurance to many young readers and their grateful mentors.            Christobel Mattingley   

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