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The Keeper 

Set on the Yorke Peninsula in South Australia, The Keeper is an exciting adventure for 9-12 year olds. What lengths would you go to if you didn't have a dad and wanted one to enter a father/son fishing competition? 

Themes: family, ADD, foster parent, fishing, bikers


Selected for The Adelaide Collection 2000

Launched at Writers' Week 2000 by Mac Hayes, Longriders biker club.

Published 2013, 2nd edition

Queensland University Press


This book is available in other formats: Large Print, Dyslexic, Daisy or Braille at Read How You Want. Click the Other Formats button to purchase.

What people are saying:

"Hawke displays an unerring touch with the thoughts and emotions of a troubled youngster. A robust bracy style that doesn't falter or languish. A fine unsentimental story" (Magpies, Vol 15 No 2 May 2000).

"Hawke is excellent at conveying the turbulence that takes over Joel's mind and the impotent anger which makes him lash out. Joel's knotty, volatile but engaging character and the ramifications of the plot soon sweep them into the action and through a tense climax to a satisfying conclusion" (Katharine England, The Advertiser, Mar 11, 2000).


Australian readers are no doubt very familiar with Hawke’s work.  I first encountered her writing as a beginning teacher working in Port Augusta when I was ‘told’ to teach her contemporary novel The Keeper to my energetic group of year 8 students.  The students were captivated and so began my first introduction to a writer whose work is as prolific as it is diverse.

          Tanya Grech Welden

"I loved Rosanne Hawke's latest book multi-layered story line covers many aspects which enable different age groups to enjoy The Keeper. An unusual storyline which will prove a hit in the 9-12 age group, but will also make excellent reading for Lower Secondary students" (Cecile Ferguson, Lollipops, April/May 2000).

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