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Reaching Out - Messages of Hope

 Ed: Mariah Kennedy

'My name is Mariah Kennedy and I am a 15-yeqr-old schoolgirl from Victoria, Australia. My biggest passion in life is fighting for social justice.'

          So began an email from UNICEF Australia 2013 Young Ambassador Mariah who decided she would try to create a real and positive change within the world and the minds of young people today. She approached some of the most significant figures in children's literature and the result of her efforts is an impressive collection of contributions from writers and illustrators, both Australian and international, who felt similarly in their wish to highlight social injustice throughout the world. 

          Mariah hopes that this anthology will shine a light on this important issue and offer hope to the many children throughout the world who are affected by it. 


Rosanne's story is 'Just a School Girl' which later became the novel: The Truth about Peacock Blue.  

Published 2013

ABC Books, HarperCollins 


What people are saying

The range [of stories] is impressive -from the heartrending story of an impoverished African child, the friendships of two girls on opposite sides of the globe or the experiences of a former child soldier, you will be moved and inspired.

Young people are our future. Often criticised, it is ultimately they who can make a difference, and with their energy, passion and belief in themselves they have the potential to create real change.

Michael Morpurgo, Jackie French, Bruce Whatley, Andy Griffiths and Michael Leunig are just some of the brilliant writers who make up Mariah's anthology. Here are true messages of hope.

I hope this book finds its way into every teenager's hands worldwide. 

         The Courier Mail, Queensland

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