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Killer Ute

Put your seat belts on for a thrilling ride. Joel has dangerous information and he is put under witness protection. Dev, his foster dad takes him to a farm near Beachport in South Australia to be safe. Joel is like a fish out of water and he's itching for the sea. But somebody in a killer ute knows he and Mei are there.

'Killer Ute is the third book in a series, but you don’t need to have read the first two to be riveted.' Susan Whelan


Themes: Thriller, adventure, family, stereotypes, beach, courts, foster dads, bikers.

Launched by Mac Hayes, of Longriders CMC (Christian Motorcycle Club) at Kapunda Library 2013

Published 2013

Queensland University Press


This book is available in other formats: Large Print, Dyslexic, Daisy or Braille at Read How You Want. Click the Other Formats button to purchase.

What people are saying

This is an ideal adventure story to tempt boys into reading. It has all the ingredients to get children excited - a chilling adventure, big cars, scuba diving, fishing and motor bikes, all put together in a very well written package. The series would also be a good read aloud, starting with the first book and letting children read the next two themselves.

      What I particularly liked in this series was the breaking down of stereotypes that Hawke does so subtly and effortlessly. The reader will discover that not every biker is bad, indeed the members of the Longriders are shown to be helpful and honest.

      Joel has learning and behavioural difficulties but his efforts at self discipline are shown in a sympathetic light, as are single parent families. Joel wishes that Dev could be his real father and has gradually come to understand why his very young mother left him with his grandmother to raise. It is a pleasure to see this excellent series in print.
      Pat Pledger, Readplus

Rosanne Hawke takes a simple setting with characters I care about and turns everything on its head. I will never look at a four-wheel drive with bull bar and nightlights in the same way again... Hawke balances action, intrigue and surprise as she weaves the threads of Joel’s young life into story...In Killer Ute, Joel has to testify against his Dad in court. He could have answered questions via video, but chose to go appear in person. Things don’t go as well as he’d hoped and the drama just keeps unfolding from there. 

      Susan Whelan, Kids' Book Review

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