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Kerenza: A New Australian

Kerenza has to emigrate to Australia with her family in 1911 to the South Australian Mallee where her family will farm land where it hardly ever rains. She even helps with digging a well.

Themes: migration, early farm life, sustainability, family life, history, Cornish culture, Clydesdale horses, friendship

Published 2015

Omnibus Books/Scholastic


Background Story

What people are saying:

What a truly wonderful, moving and atmospheric story!

                                Phil Cummings

Relocation, and family are the themes which run through this adventure 

story; it’s a bumpy road for Kerenza, but like water at the bottom of the well, deep  down, Kerenza proves that she’s tough and strong, and at times a hero,  particularly when it comes to runaway horses. It doesn’t come easy, however,  but time and time again, she proves herself to be growing and changing, even  if at first she doesn’t recognize it herself.  Even Clarrie, the swagman says to her, ‘You choose to love. You choose to  be happy. You choose to belong.’ But did Kerenza feel she had any choice? Kerenza is a wonderful character, who is part of a family that  have their own ups and downs, and part of an extended family, where secrets  are revealed and understanding develops and she’s part of a community of  others who, all except Winnie, come from different countries, all trying to start  a new life in South Australia.

Rosanne is a superb storyteller; it’s part of who she is. Storytelling runs  through her veins, through her fingertips and into the wonderful books she  writes. And I always feel in awe, and privileged, to read the next book by my  friend, Rosanne, because she thinks and cares deeply about her characters  and her stories, and then offers them to us to enjoy and learn from and grow  ourselves. This is a book full of searching, secrets and surprises, and I have the greatest  pleasure in launching Kerenza, A New Australian!

                       From Janeen Brian's launch speech, June 2015

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