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Flying Blind

Musical 15-year-old Essie is missing her dad; her friend at school is treating her strangely and a new boy with an army of siblings moves into their coastal town from the Outback. If this is enough to deal with, a junior life saver sweeps her out of the sea when she's hightailing it to the shore after sighting a fin. It was a dolphin after all, so he would have known she wasn't really in danger. Does that mean he likes her?

Published 2022

Rhiza Edge


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What people are saying

Flying Blind is an excellent book!

         Dearne Prior, teacher


Grace infuses every story Rosanne Hawke tells and there’s no greater example than Flying Blind… There are so many layers to this delightful book.

          Susan Bruce, author of Running Scared


A great read! I laughed, I related, and at times was on the edge needing to know what happens next! Another amazing story by Rosanne Hawke.

          Helen Lamb, reader


I just finished your book and oh my gosh I loved it. The horse-riding scene is sooo good, definitely my favourite.

It doesn’t matter what people say about you. That’s none of your business. Your job is to be yourself and shine, not worry about anyone else.

       I really like this line, it’s definitely something people my age should hear a whole lot more.

… that I can choose how to be treated. I write that Chloe doesn’t belong in my head, then I stop. Where does she belong? My pen scratches on the paper: in my heart. That doesn’t mean I have to agree with her opinions or put up with what she says, just to want what’s good for her.

        I really like this too, it’s a good way to put dealing with forgiveness in words.

            Amelia Penner, 15 years.


Reading Flying Blind will be an enormous help to teenagers in navigating challenging peer relationships. Delving into Essie's world will mean they will not feel as alone in their experiences. They will be able to learn ways of identifying what is happening in relationships and how to respond. Flying Blind makes a significant contribution to teenage and young adult fiction.

           Jenny Goddard, PM, Interserve




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