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Finding Kerra

Book 3 of the Beyond Borders series

It's been six months since Jaime Richards' best friend Liana died. 

Jaime decides to head Far North to Blake Townsend's station home. He's always been the one to listen, but she soon realises that Blake isn't the guy she knew at school. Not only does she discover he has a sister, Kerra, whom he's never mentioned, but Jaime sees what a devastating effect a mysterious secret has on the Townsend family. Kerra has believed a lie all her life and through storytelling, Jaime hopes to unearth the secret before it's too late.

 Sometimes we just need to know we are loved.

Themes: culture shock, getting used to Australia after being brought up overseas, Station life in Outback Australia, family mystery and grief

Award Short-listed in Caleb Awards for YA literature, 2019

Published 2018

Rhiza Edge


Finding Kerra is available as an audio book and eBook

This book is also available in other formats: Large Print & Dyslexic at Read How You Want. Click the Other Formats button to purchase.

What people are saying

A heartfelt tale of belonging, love and the healing power of story.

This is a beautiful story of growing up, loyalty and the amazing strength and resilience of families. The heart of this story is that we all need to know that we are loved and where we belong, and Finding Kerra does a wonderful job of showing this.

Will be most loved by girls in Year 8 and above.

          Reviewed by Michelle

Jamie had met Blake at school and is invited to his property to help out during the semester break. While she is there, she uncovers a painful past, that is not talked about. Ultimately Jamie is able to draw on her own experiences to bring a healing perspective to the situation. The book is a helpful insight into family dynamics, relationships, forgiveness and working through trauma. It’s well-written, with good descriptions which brought the scenes alive.

           Susan Barnes, author


Finding Kerra was a very gripping and emotional read - and it took me on a journey I wasn't quite expecting.

           Emily, reader

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