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Crossed Spaces - Short Stories in Other Worlds

Come on a journey of exploration with aliens, spacecrafts and bewildering technology. There's friendship, families and romance. In these 16 stories humanity is pushed to the limit and forced to question what is most important. 

Editors: Lynne Stringer & R.A. Stephens.

Themes/genres: fantasy, sci-fi 

Rosanne's story is called 'The Seeking of Javan' set in a stark future time on earth.

Other authors include:  Jo Hart, Jack Garrety, Penny Jaye,  Emily Larkin, Lynne Stringer, Jonathan E Furneaux ...

Published 2021

Rhiza Edge


What people are saying

This is a fantastic collection of short fantasy and science-fiction stories that all centre, in varying ways, around life in different forms and in different worlds.

       Reviewing such a large collection of short stories is sometimes difficult, as here they are all different characters and scenarios but there is an overwhelming feeling, particularly in the early stories, about a life that is completely different to what we know now. Many stories feature themes around the destruction and renewal of life on earth, and adapting to such a life.

      There are stories about space, artificial intelligence, spiritual traditions and ghosts (just to name a few), but there is also a sense throughout of the importance of family and friendship, and appreciating and nurturing life as we know it today.

      It will be thoroughly enjoyed by all secondary readers, and the nature of short stories make this ideal for reluctant readers especially those with an interest in fantasy and sci-fi.

              Sam, Lamont Books

I’m always up for an anthology, especially a science fiction one. This is a collection of sixteen short stories by Australian authors. While there were some I didn’t care for, on the whole this was a very enjoyable collection with a few stand-out favorites ... there was a good variety between futuristic and fantasy stories, and they certainly met their goal of taking my mind off the pandemic!

             Llamareadsbooks, Cannonball Read

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