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Chandani and the Ghost of the Forest

Chandani and the Ghost of the Forest is the story of a slave girl and a black leopard living in the Himalayan Mountains. A picture book for lower to mid-primary. 'Ghost of the forest' is what local people call black leopards.

Themes: Asian content, bonded labour, Himalayan forest, black leopards, fable 

Published 2019

Wombat Books


What people are saying

In the snowy Himalayan Mountains, monkeys flitted from tree to tree and fish shone silver in the stream. Hidden there lived a beast that villagers rarely saw: the Ghost of the Forest.

        Once, the slave girl Chandani lived near the mysterious forest, dreaming of kindness. Her work was never done or good enough for her mistress. She longed for her home and family. Then she discovered the Ghost of the Forest and her world changed forever.

       A heartfelt fable of friendship and courage. Chandani and the Ghost of the Forest reminds us that hope can be found even in dark places.


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