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Dust Makers - Short Stories Considering our Impact

For this exciting collection of short stories editors Penny Jaye and R.A. Stephens challenged Australia's YA authors to consider themes of sustainability, our environment and the legacy we leave for one another. The stories cover a range of genres and settings from historical to dystopian and will leave you thinking about the impact we have on our world and the difference our actions could make.


Rosanne Hawke's story is called 'Touching the Sky' which she wrote when getting to know one of her characters, Alex Bray in her novel Alex: Through My Eyes. His story in the novel turned out differently from this story.

Other authors include Jean Saxby, Gina Newton, Emily Larkin, Penny Jaye, Ebony Frost, D.J. Blackmore, Peter Clarkson

Published 2022

Rhiza Edge


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