Comments from Readers

Last year my teacher, Mrs Penner, gave me a bundle of ages. Her mother, Mrs Hawke, had just finished writing the draft of her latest book. I received the draft because this story was for readers my age and she wanted to know what I thought.

As I read I was taken on a wonderful adventure to the flooded countryside of Pakistan, where I met Kelsey. I liked the way the chapters jumped between Kelsey and her porcelain doll on their journey to reunite.
That bundle of pages that I received last year is now this beautiful book.
Congratulations Mrs Hawke. I know many children will love this adventure story as much as I did.
Gracie, 8.

I finished your book this morning. What a lovely, lovely story. Your work is so measured and considered, simply written but with such an undertone of richness. Congratulations. And thank you too, for acknowledging me at the back as one of your readers. Very generous.
Janeen Brian, Author

Kelsey is an awesome book, full of adventures, and you can read it over and over and over again, without stopping. I've read it five times already.
Amelia, 9