A Speech about Shahana

Shahana a speech delivered at Windermere Harmony Day at Officer Primary School on Monday 28 October 2013.


At first I thought it was boring. I thought it was about an ordinary girl living an ordinary life. When my teacher gave it to me I didn't even bother to understand the book. When I was on my way home, I became curious to know what this book is about. So after I read the first page of Shahana I was already interested to know what would happen next.


Over the holidays Shahana had become really interesting for me. I would read a little bit of it every day so my interest of this book would continue to build up. As I would read this book I would understand how hard it is for kids like them. Being an orphan and losing parents and a brother is not easy, especially if you are an elder sister taking care of your young sick boy. I mean let's look at ourselves; we all are living here in Australia which has no war at all. And they are struggling to live a day with just a few pieces of bread. We get to eat around three or four times a day, while they might not even see food for a week.


After reading Shahana I have realised that there might be hundreds and thousands of young orphans just like Shahana and Tanveer. I have also experienced it myself. When I went to Afghanistan over the holidays I had seen the horror and desperation of the people living there. I was in Afghanistan for 2 months. Every fortnight or so there would be a Taliban attack or a bomb blast. Afghanistan and other countries like Kashmir would have been a wonderful place if it wasn't for violence and war.


I appreciate and I thank you all for listening

Shane, Year 6, Minaret College, Victoria.