Readers's comments on Shahana

This is an outstanding first entry in the 'Through My Eyes' series for readers aged 11-14... Building empathy and understanding, Hawke doesn't shy away from the terrible realities of growing up in a place where existence is fragile...Its biggest strength, however is in emphasising the resilience and dignity of the Kashmiri people, demonstrating the power of storytelling to bridge the gap between cultures. Meredith Lewin

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Gripping, compelling, heart-wrenching, shocking, amazing, eye-opening and thought provoking.
Beautifully portrayed account of the lives of the young and old involved in the conflict
Easy to read, wanting to read on but dreading what I anticipate will happen next to my heroine, Shahana.

Merryn Bevis, class teacher at Ashburton Primary School in Victoria.

Rosanne, let me just say how much I LOVED Shahana. I didn't want to put it down, and it rang with a powerful authenticity. John Heffernan, author