Killer Ute Release

Killer Ute Release

Put your seat belts on for an amazing ride. Killer Ute is coming!

Release date April 2013. University of Queensland Press

Joel Billings is back for the final thrilling adventure.


Killer Ute is a thriller/adventure for 9-13 year olds in which Joel Billings lays to rest the spectre of Scott, his criminal biological father.


Process of writing Killer Ute

I already knew most of the characters, so I worked on the new ones like Felicity. I decided this book need to be set in a new location as Joel would be on a protection scheme for those giving evidence in court. I chose Beachport as that is where I remember spending my first family holiday. I was born in Penola nearby and this is the first time I have visited the area in my work. I stayed in Beachport to research the area and get ideas before writing the first draft. I researched shipwrecks, diving, the conservation park and walked around the town ad coastline.


I knew Joel would like diving. I checked my diving sections with friends who go diving and researched diving on the internet as well. Mac Hayes, leader of Longriders Christian Motorcycle Club was happy to answer questions about bikers and clubs, and the Longriders club gave permission for me to use their club name in the book. I deliberately didn't explore the government's stand on biker clubs in the book but I know Dev wouldn't agree that all biker clubs are outlaws.


I returned to Beachport to refresh myself with the area and atmosphere before I embarked on the structural edit. The farm is inspired by the one I lived on until I was six in Wattle Range.


Themes & topics in Killer Ute


Learning to control thoughts, gaining self confidence and self esteem

Children in court

Families and adoption

Biker culture, clubs, Harley bikes

Not judging a book by its cover, or a man by his tats

The beach, fishing, sea lions

Conservation parks

Beachport and Edithburgh, South Australia

Killer Ute Release


New editions of The Keeper and Sailmaker with vibrant new covers are being released at the same time so you can read the three of them at once!

A big thank you to Vikki Wakefield who helped me by creating this banner of the three books.