Reading 'Matched' by Ally Condie

Reading Matched by Ally Condie, 2010, Penguin, UK.


It was so interesting to see the parallel between Ally Condie's Matched and Marrying Ameera. Matched is set in the future in a very controlled society. It's Cassie's birthday and she will go to her Match Banquet where she'll find out who will be her match for life. It is a story of not only arranged marriages, but arranged lives, all controlled by the Society. Echoes of 1984 mix with a temporary teenage voice that makes a novel of intrigue hard to put down. Cassie finds, as she falls for someone who is not her match, that there are consequences for breaking out of the carefully controlled system. It's chilling to see the correlation between Matched and Marrying Ameera, a story of a forced marriage in the present day, and chilling also to see what our society could become if we do not protect our freedom of choice. Students doing comparative novel studies could find Matched and Marrying Ameera would make an interesting study.