South Australian Writers Centre

I doubt I would be where I am today in my writing career if it weren't for the South Australian Writers' Centre. Before I was published I joined and received support, knowledge, encouragement and confidence. I attended writing workshops hosted by the Centre, met other writers and had my concerns and queries answered. I learned so much and knew I wasn't alone. It was a rich forum to learn and share experiences, and it gave me the confidence to keep being persistent. Through the years there have been many worthwhile programs and events run by the Writers Centre to help writers and illustrators: Besides writing workshops of every genre, many aspects of the writing life are covered including Maximising your Opportunities and how to 'do' PR. Professional writers from all walks of life belong to the Writers Centre from journalists to best selling novelists.


Now my 17th book has been released and I would like to acknowledge the Writers' Centre's contribution in that journey. Through the last 17 or 18 years I have taken part in events for young writers run by the Writers' Centre. Imagine the growth in writing by encouraging the young like this. SA authors feel so strongly about this program that we all recently took part free of charge so that it could still run. I have attended and run workshops, even done some manuscript assessing to help new writers. I belong to eKIDnas the support group for South Australian Children's Writers and Illustrators. This meets at the Writers' Centre as the facility is available for the use of many writers' groups, events, launches and conferences. The newsletter is invaluable in notifying writers of competitions, opportunities and information to further their careers.


The Writers' Centre used to be open every day when queries about publishing or writing could be answered in person or via phone and email. The library is another helpful resource and there are spaces for writing and research. Writers do not want to lose these valuable resources due to lack of funding. A society needs to look after the arts. The arts interpret and reveal what a society is like and can offer direction for the future. Writing can be a solitary occupation and the support given by the SA Writers Centre is invaluable.


If you are a SA writer or illustrator you could help the SA Writers Centre by writing a letter of support.