What do you know about Camels?

    Twenty Questions about Camels

  1. Do camels carry water in humps? What is it for?

  2. What is a one-humped camel called? 

  3. What is a two-humped camel called?

  4. Why do they sit and face the sun in hot weather?

  5. How much weight can they carry?

  6. How long can they go without water?

  7. How much can they drink at once?

  8. Why do camels have large feet?

  9. What do they eat? How far can they roam a day to get food?

  10. How can they eat thorny bushes?

  11. Why do they eat salty plants?

  12. What is their least favourite food?

  13. What is their long neck for?

  14. How do camels cope well in a sandstorm?

  15. How long can a camel live for?

  16. What is a young camel called?

  17. Is a calf born with a hump?

  18. How do camels help people?

  19. How many feral camels are there in Australia today. How many were imported? 

  20. Do camels always spit?

You'll find these answers in Taj and the Great Camel Trek and in Janeen Brian's excellent book about camels, Hoosh.