Taj's Recipes

Taj's Recipes

These are old or fictitious recipes so don't try them at home by yourself. I gleaned the information for Ernest Giles' recipes from his journals. How to make a camel vomit comes from all the camel books I read and this is the recipe included in Taj and the Great Camel Trek. Taj's food recipes come from watching Peter Nicholls cook. Later on Taj finds he can cook too.


Taj's recipe for damper

Mix three tin mugs of flour and some salt in a billy. 

Add a mug of water.

Mix together until the dough comes away from the sides of the billy.

Make the dough into round pieces and spread them on pieces of wood or on stones.

Put them in the hot ashes of the fire to cook.


Peter Nicholls' recipe for dried beef stew

Soak some salted meat in water.

Drain off the salt water, and soak the meat in water again. Do this as often as it needs it.

Put the meat in a pot, cover with water and boil for as long as possible.


Taj's recipe for making a camel vomit

Take six pounds of butter and some mustard.

Heat. Mix together with water.


Try to pour down the camel's throat.

Peter Nicholls' recipe for duck soup.

Pluck the duck. Cut into pieces. Put in a pot of boiling water with some salt.

Boil a long time and when ready pour into tin mugs.


Peter Nicholls' Emu Steaks

Pluck the emu. This takes two people.

Slice into steaks. Smear steaks with butter.

Put into the coals and cover until cooked.


Smoking a dead horse by Ernest Giles 

Make a smoke house from four main stakes of wood stuck into the ground and coming nearly together at the top, with cross sticks all the way down, and covered over with tarpaulins, so that no smoke can escape except through the top.

Light a fire inside and let it die down so that the coals smoke.

Cut the meat into thin strips, keep it in the smoke house until it becomes permeated with the smoke.


Padar's Mutton Curry (Taj wishes he could have some curry)

Chop an onion and fry in ghee in a pan.

Add teaspoons of curry powder, cumin, coriander and chilli powder and salt.

Add some chopped tomatoes. Cook for ten minutes.

Add chopped pieces of mutton and cook slowly for a few hours.

Eat with flat bread or damper.