What readers are saying about Marrying Ameera


Marrying Ameera was selected as one of the 5 top YA reads of 2010 in SAWeekend, The Advertiser, 18/12/10, p.26.

Ameera thinks she is visiting family: her father is arranging something more permanent. Colourful Pakistani wedding customs and facts about forced marriage enrich a gripping contemporary adventure.


From Readers

Marrying Ameera is one of my favourite books and I have listed the reasons why. I love the way you had her as an Australian girl with a Pakistani father. I also, really love the reality of your writing. Even though it is sad to think of this, arranged marriages are real and the second half of the book, in Pakistan, really moved me. The part that stood out for me most was the family she was sent to. I, in particularly, liked the characters of the children. Thanks again for visiting my school. Jordan Sims. P.S I wish there was a sequel!

Jordan Sims


From more Readers

hi, My name is Saeeda and I read your book 'Marrying Ameera'. I LOVED it. I am from Pakistan and I have lived in Australia for 3 years. I am recently living in Brisbane. It was very interesting for me to know that you actually went to Pakistan and I wish I could have been there to meet you. 'Marrying Ameera' was a fabulous book.

After I read this book, I read 'Borderland', which was also amazing.


I read Marrying Ameera a couple of weeks ago, and want to tell you how much I loved it. What a terrific and moving story! And beautifully written. I must admit it gave me the horrors in parts, thinking of my own teenage self and what it would have been like to have been trapped in such a situation. Congratulations on such a terrific book.

Lian Tanner

I have just finished your unputdownable book, Marrying Ameera, and what a great and satisfying read! Great complexity of characters, all with different motivations. Beautiful! Congratulations! Can see it as a film.

XXX JAC Coates

Have just finished Marrying Ameera. I found it gripping and moving and I imagine there will be lots of people (young and older) reading this. A "tour-de-force" of the best kind.

Jill Burton

I have just finished reading Marrying Ameera and upon completion I had an undeniable need to scream and shout about how engrossing the novel was! The book is both enlightening, entertaining and raises some fantastic issues. Thanks for such a fantastic read. I look forward to more of your books!

Prathna Tiwari

Finished your book last night. In one word - brilliant!!

Thank you.

Janeen Brian

I got to bed at a quarter past one this morning and your book Marrying Ameera is responsible – I couldn't put it down! You've done a brilliant job at crafting this story. You've written it in such a way, I was able to appreciate the perspective of each and every character, even if I didn't necessarily agree with their stance. In short, it's excellent.

Marianne Musgrove

I read Marrying Ameera and loved it. A very beautiful and touching story, portrayed so delicately.

Jenny Baber

hi i love your book "Marrying Ameera"

i was so hooked, i couldn''''t put it down let alone stop to think about it

i think that Marrying Ameera should be a movie. i would go and watch the movie only to find out what Tariq looked like...

you are an amazing writer

Kyra Bolton

You write such beautiful and meaningful stories.

Wendy Noble

I've just finished Marrying Ameera. I sobbed and sobbed. Brilliant. Thank you.

Jasmine Craig

I loved Marrying Ameera. I couldn't put it down. I think it is well set up for a sequel.


Sue Jeffrey



I love it!

Gail Allingame

Hi Rosanne...I just finished reading Marrying Ameera. It was fantastic. I coudln't put it down.

Karyn Gillard

Wonderful…just finished [Marrying Ameera]! You tell a ripping yarn.

Dr Brian Trainor


[Marrying Ameera] is your best book yet and that's saying something!


Catch Tilly


I have read Marrying Ameera and found it to be very intriguing. I couldn't put it down. It's a fantastic book. I'm waiting for the next one now.

Anne Baverstock


Even more comments

I sat down last night with the intention of reading a little bit of 'Marrying Ameera' (by Rosanne Hawke.) Dumb idea. I couldn't put it down! I read the whole book in one sitting (I need match sticks to keep my eyes open today!)  Rosanne – when is the movie coming out??  What a fabulous read! Oh, the suspense! I had to know what happened! What a page-turner!


So many characters in this novel made me utterly furious – and a handful made me smile.  To incite such strong emotion in your reader is the gift of a very talented author. Hats off to you Rosanne! I loved it. You are the master! It is one of the

best books I've read in a very long time!

Allayne Webster


I read "Marrying Ameera" while travelling on holidays in W.A. and loved it. A compelling story about an ongoing problem that needs to be told.
I was emotionally stirred and on the verge of tears when Ameera spoke to her mother on the phone.
Looking forward to the next book. XXX

John Foote

I've read Marrying Ameera and loved it. My goodness, every book you write gets better and better! I'm so impressed.

Wendy Noble

Hi Rosanne, I've just read your book 'Marrying Ameera'. FANTASTIC. I found this book very inspirational. I love reading books about other cultures. I also liked how you very carefully included God in your story. Thanks heaps

Amber Hart


Marrying Ameera was incredible. I had tears in my eyes - it was absolutely beautiful. Thanks for writing it.

Jan Akeroyd


More comments from Readers

I think every male and female in Australia shoudl read this book especially in our anti-Islamic times. fabulous read, couldn't put it down.

Maureen Kerrigan

Love Marrying Ameera, Rosie. I felt fully immersed in the Pakistani culture with all of its nuances and could feel the cultural tension building as the story progressed. I found it to be believable and absorbing and once into it, it was hard to put down. It would make a great movie and I do hope there is a sequel in the pipeline.A great read. 

Wes Chambers

I have read Marrying Ameera and despite not being my usual fare, I couldn't put it down.  The characters mattered to me and the culture was rich and authentic without any western bias - which was so refreshing.  Sensitively written and with such a powerful vision - I loved it.

Michael Hawke

I have finally had a chance to read "Marrying Ameera".  It's wonderful!  I couldn't put it down.  There are definite disadvantages to being a fast reader.  I finished the book far too quickly, after about three sittings.  The characters were interesting, endearing and believable.  The insights into Pakistani culture were fascinating.  The settings fired up my imagination, without being a distraction--all so natural that I have only noticed it on reflection.  The plot was gripping and the pace was perfect.  Your empathy towards the characters--their youth, heart's desires, and faith--was sensitive and respectful.  Wonderful!  Wonderful!  Well done.

Now I feel that horrible "lost" feeling between reading good books...

Dimity Knight


"A truly life changing read... A perfect depiction of the Pakistani culture and the horrible nature of a forced marriage. Romance, Religion, Revenge and all other attributes of a Pakistani- Australian teenage girl."   

Thank you again....sooo much :)


What I respected most was how your story was sympathetic to a handful of different viewpoints. it generated compassion and a sense of understanding even for the characters whose actions were less than worthy.
Danielle Carey