Floods in Pakistan

From a friend:

Pakistan is beset by disaster again. This is the usual time of the year for the monsoon rains, but this year they have come with a vengeance.  You can't see the news without hearing about the massive numbers affected by the flooding.  The estimates range from 14 to 20 million. Higher up in the mountains bridges have washed out making travel difficult and preventing food and fuel supplies from getting in.  The injuries and loss of life have not been as great as the earthquake of five years ago though the number of people who have suffered some loss has been greater.  


From World Vision

So far, World Vision has delivered food, water and other relief items such as bedding sets, floor mats, tents, cooking sets and gas cylinders to more than 23,000 people living in school buildings and on what's left of the main roads in Charsadda and Nowshera districts, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province (formerly North West Frontier Province).
More than 1,600 people have been killed and up to 20 million people are affected and need help, including food, water, shelter, basic cooking and hygiene items, health services, community rehabilitation, and psychological/social support. Communities' long-term food security is at risk, due to crops destroyed this year and livestock deaths.  10,000 cows have died. With irrigation canals and systems destroyed or damaged, next year's crop is at risk too.

Relief workers' efforts to deliver aid are challenged by ongoing rainfall, destroyed and damaged infrastructure, lack of boats to reach the most vulnerable, and mud and debris.
Conditions are appalling and unhygienic, with increasing numbers of children suffering eye infections and diarrhoea.  Outbreaks of cholera have been reported in the Swat Valley.

Go to World Vision for the full report and to donate at www.WorldVision.com.au