Marrying Ameera launch in Kapunda

The launch of Marrying Ameera at the Salon Rouge gallery in Kapunda was a huge success. Reshman, the acclaimed Bollywood dancer danced his way into the hearts of Kapunda people and gave us a taste of the exotic world that Ameera visited in Kashmir. He even managed to get members of the audience dancing including author Rosanne Hawke.

Reshman has had a deep seeded passion for Bollywood and Arabic music his entire life. Coming from a Middle Eastern and Indian decent, Reshman has grown up with Bollywood and belly dancing pumping rapidly throughout his veins and considers it a way of life rather than purely an art. In an industry dominated by talented females, Reshman was determined to help introduce to the West the true art of Bollywood and oriental dancing. He transforms the feminine moves to a unique masculinized style with the help of the very few and talented male bollywood and oriental dancers that currently exist. With humble confidence Reshman introduces audiences to the exotic form of male Bollywood and Arabian dancing, through both vigour and grace. Reshman currently teaches Bollywood and belly fusion dance and performs regularly throughout Australia. Reshman was joined by his lovely ensemble who participated in duet and group performances.

Marrying Ameera launch in Kapunda Marrying Ameera launch in Kapunda

This is a shot of Rosanne Hawke the author of Marrying Ameera, Reshman, the Bollywood dancer, and Jacqueline Coates, the host of the launch at her gallery in Kapunda, Salon Rouge.

Marrying Ameera launch in Kapunda

Reshman and his troupe of lovely ladies, plus Rosanne.

Marrying Ameera launch in Kapunda

Thanks for such a beautiful and lovely day. I enjoyed it so much Rosanne. it brought tears to my eyes with how kind and gorgeous the people were in welcoming us so warmly with their beautiful hearts. I enjoyed my time there fully.