Folklore, Fantasy & Fairytale exhibition

I had the privelege of opening the Folklore, Fantasy & Fairytale exhibition at the Kapunda Community Gallery on Sunday the 1st of August. Kapunda itself is full of old stories and so I told the Cornish legend of how the rivers Tamar, Tavy and Taw came to be and spoke a little about how important stories are for cultures and our sense of identity.

It is exciting to see works of art that interpret an old story and show it to us in a new and fresh way like Christian Vocke's dry point etchings of Little Red Riding Hood. Many cultures are represented in the artworks, especially Celtic ones. Stuart Hoerisch's 'Dance of the Wee Folk' is startling in its innovative use of mixed media. I loved the poem The Owl and the Pussy cat as a child and even sang it at a concert in Year 6, so it is lovely to see Maxine Donald's painting using Gouache on the same theme. I can imagine it in a picture book. There is even a vampire's doll house in the exhibition (Suzanne Puccetti). So if you live near the mid-north of South Australia do visit the Kapunda Gallery and have  a look.