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Taj and the Great Camel Trek  is a novel for 9-12 year olds. It is the story of Ernest Giles' expedition from Beltana to Perth in 1875 and is told by twelve year old Taj Saleh, the fictitious son of camel driver, Salah Mahomed. The novel will be released by UQP in May next year.

Taj and his camel Mustara manage to join the expedition, by Mustara saving Taj and his friend Emmeline in a dust storm. Taj finds the trek west is no picnic - there are many dangers along the way, and a continual lack of water. Taj wonders what will happen if they can't find enough water, the camels die and there is no way out of the desert. What will it feel like to die of thirst?

For all those who have loved Mustara, the journey is just beginning.