More resources on refugees

Some Helpful Resources:

Refugees and Asylum Seekers, A statement from The Australian Catholic Bishops' conference, 26th March 2002.


Afghanistan; the unending crisis, UNHCR, No 108, 11-1997.


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There are some confronting images in Artlink, Vol 23 no1, 2003.

There are images of artwork of children held in detention centres at: Justice for Refugees, phone no: 08 8226 4111.



Some news articles:

Ashford, Karen, 'Seeking trust in asylum'. The Adelaide Review, Nov 2003, p3.

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More on Refugees:


Research on Afghanistan for Refugees wanting additional up-to-date information for  consideration by DIMIA when their Visas are reviewed. Nayano Taylor-Neumann has been putting together a collection of pieces of country information on Afghanistan from a range of sources. She updates it regularly. Her contact address is

(Please note that it is highly recommended that ALL TPV's use the services of Legal Aid or a well recognized Migration Agent when completing forms for DIMIA)


'From Nothing to Zero” is a NEW publication launched recently by Malcolm Fraser. It is a collection of edited extracts from letters written by asylum seekers in our detention centres to members of the Australian public as part of the 'Spare Rooms for Refugees' campaign, organized by Julian Burnside QC. All profits from the sale of this book will be donated to the Refugee and Immigration Legal Centre and the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre in Footscray, Victoria. Available at Imprints Bookshop (8231 4454) and other good bookshops. Also available online at


A Just Australia has begun a new online publication called “AustHumanRightsNews – Australian Human Rights Newsletter. If you wish to access it go to and look for “Online Forums”. Click on the blue button marked 'AustHumanRightsNews'  For more information, comments, queries contact Maqsood Alshams on (02) 9310 3900 or at or fax (02) 9310 3906


Important new Resource: Guide for working with Refugees. Safe Places is a two-part kit with information, stories, ideas and support for those who work with young people of refugee background. It contains a video, and a publication which is the result of interviews with young people, youth workers, teachers, policy makers etc. Well worth investigating! For details or to purchase ($30.00 plus GST), contact Youth Arts Queensland, (07) 3252 5115, or at


For those who want more INFORMATION ABOUT REFUGEE ISSUES, perhaps it is time you held a meeting for people like you.  Contact Denis Voight of the SA Council of Churches, 8221 6633, Amnesty International, 8221 5979, or Farhad Noori at the Australian Refugee Association, 8354 2951, for a speaker!


Check out the website - it mainly focuses on how to write to and visit people in Baxter.  It also has a good links section.


An interesting website in the UK re refugee


A number of  “Circle of Friends” groups have been established in Adelaide to support recently released refugees.  The “Circle of Friends” exists to provide accommodation, income support and everyday assistance.  If you want information on the scheme, contact Tracey Bretag at Uni SA, 0410 303 262, or at

Or, Tricia Hart at or or 8226 8800

Or David Winderlich at


If you are interested in writing to refugees in detention in Australia, contact

The Otherway Centre, 185 Pirie Street, Adelaide, can also provide names of detainees in Woomera to write to.  Details, Father Tony Pearson, 8232 1001.


C/o the Bellingen Rural Australians for Refugees, , attention Walter.


For those interested in writing to those in the Baxter Detention Centre, please contact Rural Australians for Refugees in Pt Augusta.  Phone 0421 983 595 or at or contact Jenny Bourne at


For those wishing to make contact (write/visit) to those in Baxter, you can also contact Bernadette at Rural Australians for Refugees in Port Pirie, at


Useful contacts for information:

Australian Refugee Association:

The Jesuit Social Justice Centre, Uniya: or or tel (02) 9356 3888, or fax (02) 9356 3021

Refugee Council of Australia: tel (02) 9660 5300


Rights Campaign for Asylum Seekers: tel Stephanie O'Connell 0411 752 655, or Liz Potter, 0411 427 651

Australians for Just Refugee Programs:

Amnesty International:

Human Rights Council:

Archived and updated news on Refugees:

Australians Against Racism:

Centre for Refugee Research at the University of NSW:

The Edmund Rice Centre for Justice and Community Education:

South Australians for Justice for Refugees – at or c/o  8226 4111.

Refugee Action: