Resources for a Cornish theme

Resources for a Cornish theme


Picture Books
Barber, A.  'The Mousehole Cat'.  London: Walker, 1990.
Calhoun, Mary.  'The Witch's Pig'. NY: W. Morrow, 1977.
Causley, C.   'The Mermaid of Zennor'. London: Orchard, 1999.
(There are many other stories and poems by Charles Causley)
Hill, Eric. 'Ple'ma Spot? Where is Spot?' 1980. Redruth, Cornwall: Dyllansow Truran, 1985.

Junior Novels
Blyton, Enid.  'Five Go Down to the Sea'. Leicester: Knight, 1969.
Brian, Janeen.   'Mined Out', Forthcoming.
Broome Errol.   'Splashback'. NSW: Allen & Unwin, 1996.
Hawke, Rosanne.   'Across the Creek'. South Melbourne: Lothian, 2004.
_____.  'Wolfchild'. South Melbourne: Lothian, 2003.
_____.  'Sailmaker'.  South Melbourne: Lothian, 2002.
Springer, Tricia.   'Boy of the Mines'. Vic: Loranda, 2005.
_____.  'Piskey Trouble'. Victoria: Loranda, 2005.
Sutcliff, Rosemary.  'Tristan and Iseult'. England: Puffin, 1971.

Weatherhill, Craig.   'The Lyonesse Stone'. Cornwall: Tabb House, 1991.

YA Literature

Hawke, Rosanne.   'The Last Virgin in Year 10'. Forthcoming.'
_____.  'Zenna Dare'. South Melbourne: Lothian, 2002.
Rubinstein, Gillian.   'At Ardilla'. Norwood: Omnibus, 1991.
_____.  'The Labyrinth'. 1988. Victoria: Penguin, 1990.
Veitch, A. S.   'Spindrfit - The Mary Bryant Story: a Colonial Saga'. Australia: Angus & Robertson, 1980.
Folk Tales

Bottrell, William, Ed.   'Cornish Ghosts and Legends'. Norwich: JA Brooks, 1981.
Deane, T & Shaw T.   'The Folklore of Cornwall'. London: BT Batsford, 1975.
Filbee, M.  'Celtic Cornwall'.
Galliford, Peter.  'Cornish Myths, legends, Traditions and Superstitions'. Unpublished Paper given at Cornish Assoc of SA 23 July 1997.
Hartland, Edwin Sydney, ed.   'English Fairy and Folk Tales'. NY: Dover Publications, 2000.
Hawke, Kathleen.  'A Cornish Hotchpotch'. Truran: Dyllansow Truran, 1989.
_____.  'Cornish Sayings, Superstitions and Remedies'.  Cornwall: K Hawke, St Austell, 1973.
Hunt, Robert.  'Cornish Legends'. Truro: Tor Mark Press, Undated.
_____.  'Customs and Superstitions'. Cornwall: Tor Mark Press, 1991.
_____.  'Cornish Folklore'. Truro: Tor Mark Press, Undated.
_____.  'The Drolls, Traditions and Superstitions of Old Cornwall'. 1881. Felinfach: Llanerch, 1993.
Larn Richard & Larter, Clive.   'Cornish Shipwrecks'. GB: David & Charles, 1973.
Jones, Sally.  'Legends of Cornwall'. Cornwall: Bossiney, 1980.
Lee, Charles.   'Cornish Tales'. London: J M Dent, 1941.
Manning-Saunders, Ruth.   'West of England'. London: B T Batsford, 1949.
Quale, Eric.   'The Magic Ointment and Other Cornish Legends'. London: Anderson Press, 1986.
Rawe, Donald.   'Traditional Stories & Rhymes'. Cornwall: Lodenek Press, 1971.
Tor Mark Press.  'Cornish Charms and Witchcraft: Traditional Tales from Cornwall'. Truro: Tor Mark Press, Undated.
_____.  'Piskies, Spriggans Knockers and the Small People: Traditional Tales from Cornwall'. Truro: Tor Mark Press, Undated.
Wilson, Joy.   'Tristan and Iseult'. Launceston, Cornwall: Bossiney, 1999.
Whinray, James.   'Down 'long weth we: An Anthology of Cornish Dialect Stories'. Redruth: Tor Mark Press, 1997.
Whitte, Paul.   'King Arthur, Man or Myth?' Launceston: Bossiney, 1995.

Some Adult Novels that YA may enjoy
Cross, Mary Talbot.  'The Foundling'. Vic: Shalimar Press, 1998.
Evans, M. W.   'The Days of May'. Adelaide: M Evans, 1981.
Fletcher John.   A' Far Country'. NSW: Random House, 2000.
Somerville, Phyllis.   'Not Only in Stone'. Adelaide: Wakefield Press, 1984.
Thompson, E.V.  'Seek a New Dawn'. GB: Little, Brown & Company, 2001.

Adult novels set in Cornwall that YA may enjoy
Du Maurier, Daphne.   'Rebecca'.  (There are many other titles)
Graham, Winston.   'The Poldark Series'.
Innes, Hammond.   'The Killer Mine'.
Thompson, E.V.   'The Retallick Saga'. and 'The Jagos of Cornwall'.

   Non Fiction
About the Cornish in Australia
Dyllansow Truran.   'Names for the Cornish'. Truran: Dyllansow Truran, 1984.
Faull, Jim.   'Cornish Heritage: A Miner's Story'. Highbury, SA: J.Faull, 1980
_____.  'The Cornish in Australia'. Melbourne: AE press, 1983.
Graham, Winston.   'Poldark's Cornwall'. 1983. London: Phoenix Illustrated, 1998.
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Pascoe, Ann.  'Cornish Recipes, Old and New'. Truro: Tor Mark Press, 1982.
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_____.  'The Cornish Overseas'. Fowey, Cornwall: Alexander Associates, 1999.
_____. ed.  'Cornwall Forever/Kernow bys vyken'. Mount Hawke, Truro: Dyllansow Truran, 2000. (A book given to each Cornish child in the year 2000.)
Pryor, Oswald.   'Cornish Pasty: a Selection of Cartoons'. Adelaide: Rigby, 1966.
_____.  'Australia's Little Cornwall'. Adelaide: Rigby, 1962.
Robertson, Mandie.  'Cap'n 'Ancock'. Adelaide: Rigby, 1978.