Lenore Penner's launch speech

The Wish Giver launch 17 October 2008 at Tabor Adelaide Chapel 4.30 pm.
Speech of Lenore Penner, co-author of The Wish Giver.

Having a mother who is an author is very interesting! What I love most is being privy to her imagination. The stories she can create are fabulous. Some of my favourite memories growing up are the stories at bedtime. I could tell her what I wanted, even twins, a kidanapping, an adventure in Afghanistan - that one became Jihad. So having the opportunity to work with Mum on one of my ideas has been a privilege.

The Wish Giver is the result of a Year 11 English assignment - where we were asked to write and illustrate a children's picture book. A few years ago I read that story to my playgroup - the children tried to sit still! But some of the mothers really loved it. Feeling chuffed, I shared their comments with Mum who then suggested that we try to get it published. And there begins out journey. Mum rewrote the story; the plot changed; the characters changed, but the original idea of a boy who lives on the biggest brightest star and a little girl who wants a friend remained.

Two things stand out the most to me. The first is: working with Mum has given me an insight into her love of writing. She has a passion to write a well written story that will entertain, but also give her readers hope - that there is always a way through life's difficulties.
That's what I am most proud of, Mum: your ability to inspire people to want to overcome, to forgive and to love.

The second thing is that getting a  book published means you have an opportunity to publicly honour someone for who they are and what they've done.

Dr John Foote and Dr Anna Bof are our guests of honour today. Would you both feel comfortable coming up here beside me?

My wish was to become a mother and you both made my entry into motherhood so very special. I am forever grateful for that. There are so many times when I watch the girls laugh, dance, or run through the water at the beach that my heart is full and I remember you and what you have done for me.

This book is for you - a thank you for going above the call of duty, for treating me so kindly, and to remind you that you are doing a fabulous job!
Thank you.

Lenore Penner's launch speech

Here we are: Tricia Stringer, Lenore, Claudia Hatcher who played Layla, and Ryan Mulholland who played the wish giver at the launch in Kadina Library.