Kadina primary School Writing Workshop

These are stories from a workshop inspired by Across the Creek. Students made up a character from two animals like the dragaroo.

  RATCAT and RABSNAKE by Jack, Year 3

Once upon a time I was digging in a cave.  I was digging some crystals and diamonds with two other people.  Their names were Ratcat and Rabsnake.  We were just about to go to Jamestown, until out of the corner of my eye there was a shiny spark, it was something silver.  I felt strange.  I looked again, there was nothing there.  There was a mystery behind this, but then it appeared again.  I went over to have a look.  I picked it up, it was a button.  That button would tell us where all the crystals and diamonds were.  This was excellent.  From then on we always got more than one hundred every day.

Iamugly, the Gramel (Girl/Camel) by Kahlia
Iamugly was a Gramel (a girl crossed with a camel) and she wanted nothing more than to be a girl.  A REAL girl.  She lived in a dark cave in Kramallo.  Kramallo was in between two human villages (Kadina and Wallaroo) and each day Iamugly journeyed to these towns to collect young girls unwanted items which she hoped would make herself look more like a girl.  On one of these days, whilst wandering amongst the trash, she found a strange object.  A beautiful silver object with a flower on it.  She stared at it in wonder as it gleamed in the sunshine.  Whatever could it be?  Iamugly took the object home and tried to figure out what it was.  “It must be a bath plug,” she decided.  That night when Iamugly had a bath, she tried to put the object in the bath hole, but it was much to small and slipped easily down the drain.

Iamugly had to call a plumber to retrieve it.  Since it was not a bath plug, Iamugly decided it must be an earring.  The next day, she wore it into town but when she got home she realised with horror that it had fallen off!  She hurried back into town and spent the whole night searching for it, before she finally found it.  It was neither a bath plug, nor an earring so Iamugly decided I must be a seed. She planted and watered it, but a year later it still had not grown and Iamugly had quite forgotten about it.  But one day whilst Iamugly was watering her garden and wearing her best blouse her button quite suddenly popped off!  Noticing this, Iamugly began to weep-her best blouse was ruined.

Just then, Iamugly saw something shiny on the ground.  It was the object she had tried to plant!  Now, Iamugly saw that it was a button.  She fastened it to her blouse, and no sooner had she done so, and she turned into a girl!  Iamugly was astonished! Now she could go and live in the human village with all the other girls.  Nowadays Iamugly lives with a family in the human village and from day to day proudly shows off her magic button.  All her friends call her “Shimmer” as her button shimmers brightly in the sun. But to this day, Shimmer makes sure she is always wearing her magic button as she is afraid that if she takes it off she will once again become Iamugly the Gramal.

Cog Meets Bobby
By Ashleigh, Year 6/7

One fine day Cog was crawling down the hallway when he spotted a maroon coloured button on the ground.
“What are you doing out here?” asked Cog.
“I'm escaping,” replied the button.
“No you're not,” said Cog, and as he said that he picked Bobby (the button) up in his mouth and started to carry him back to the sewing kit, when he felt a cold sensation rush over him.  It was gone within 4 seconds.  He thought nothing of it and returned Bobby to his home.  He then went and flopped down in front of the mirror in his owner's room when he jumped in fright.
Staring back at him from the mirror was a human!  He couldn't believe it, all he wanted was to be a human and know his wish had come true.  Cog sat and thought about what he was going to do as a human.  He realised it must have been Bobby that had changed him.  He ran down the hallway and opened the sewing kit to find Bobby smiling up at him.
“I see you like your new look,” he said.
“Yeah, but what if I want to change back?” replied Cog.
“Just push down on the indentation in the middle of me and then you will be transformed back into your usual form,” said Bobby.

Cog was suddenly really excited, he didn't go outside very much because people teased him because he was a cat crossed with a dog.
He ran outside and started jumping on the trampoline, which didn't really get much use because his owner was an adult.  Then Cog heard a loud ripping sound and then he fell through the trampoline and landed on the ground.  He limped through the house and rang for an ambulance, and just sat on the kitchen chairs until the ambulance people came into the house and put him on a stretcher and took him to hospital.

“What's your name?” asked one of the paramedics.
Cog didn't know what his name was so he simply shook his head.

Then the ambulance attendants suddenly started talking about possible amnesia.  Cog knew that he didn't have amnesia so then he tried to make a run for it.  But the paramedics were too quick for him and suddenly everything went black.  When he woke up a friendly nurse told Cog that he had been sedated and that he had a broken leg.  Cog was allowed to go home the next day, he found Bobby and transformed back.  He decided that he would rather be a cat dog than a human.