Book Box activity for 'The Keeper'

Do all of your written work and planning in your English Book, self edit in red, then have a teacher conference. Go ahead with your good copy. At the end we don't want to see that we have used a shoe box.
Tick off each one as you have done it.

1 For the top cover of the lid. Use A4 cartridge paper.
Make a new book cover for 'The Keeper' by Rosanne Hawke.
Include two characters from the story. On the back include your own blurb.

2 For the inside of the lid.
Write about the author from our session with her, using her website and from the back cover of the book.

3 For the inside of the box.
Make a 'Who am I?' card. Plan your layout first.
Write up 5 clever clues about one character. Make a flap to conceal the name.

4 Make a WANTED poster for one of the main characters. Include a detailed coloured picture of the person A4 size and add relevant information about the person.

5 Write a paragraph about the type of person he/she is. Mention what it is like being with this type of person, his/her behaviour and problems within and outside his/her body.

6 Make or find 5 objects that are connected to this book. Add a label to each explaining how they relate to the story. Put these inside your box. (eg fishing boat, Mei's diary, tackle box) No real berley though!

Include a little tag that says who created this Book Box. You have copyright on all of your box. Enjoy.

Write 5 survey questions about the book to find statistics about the popularity of the book. Interview students. Construct a graph to convey your findings. This will make a display. Use 1 cm graph paper. Name your work.