Teacher Resources - 'The Keeper' questions

at William Light R-12

Chapter  1

Describe Joel, the protagonist (main character). Use a +,-, interesting  'Y' chart to do it.

Write down the names and relationship of any other characters so far. Leave enough space to add other characters as they emerge  later.

Identify the complication or problem that has emerged in the plot.

Predict what might happen next.

How has the author decided to write the story?

Chapter 2

What appear to be Joel's hobbies and interests?

Is the complication or problem in the story still  the same or is it different?


Write a paragraph about what you would do if you met Joel like Zoe did.

Chapter 3

Add any  new characters to your original list.

Write a paragraph outlining Joel's idea in your own words and add a sentence or two about your point of view regarding this idea.

Chapter 4

Write a paragraph about  what you find interesting about this chapter.

Chapter  5

The story has moved very fast in this chapter. Notice the author is not  writing about how Joel goes about advertising for a dad (boring!)

Describe the man who has responded to the ad.

Add his  name to the list of characters.

Chapter 6

What is it that  Joel realises is good about Dev being in his life and what seems to be a  'negative' about him being his 'dad'?

Chapter 7

Describe how Joel is getting on with Dev.

Predict what might happen  next.

Chapter 8

How is Dev trying to help Joel?

Do you think he is trying to be a 'father'?

Chapter  9

Describe what is happening in this chapter.

What do you think  Gran means when she is saying to Zoe, 'It's not good for the boy. When are you  going to tell him?'

What do you think is going to happen next?

Chapter 10

What do you think Dev means when he says,  'it's all up there…' (P50, last paragraph)?

Chapter  11

Every narrative has a climax (turning point) in the story. Describe  the climax in this chapter.

Chapter 12

Describe what you  think may be happening.

Why is Dev keen to meet  Gran?

Chapter 13

All previous chapters of the story except this one have been written as if Joel is telling his own story. What do we call this kind of narrative?

Who else has written in this chapter? How  does this help us to put more pieces of the puzzle (the plot) together?

Chapter 14

This chapter is very important to the  story. Do you think this is the climax to the story? Give reasons for your opinion.

Write a paragraph to say what you think is happening.

Chapter 15

Write down all the new things that have been revealed through the story.

Chapter 16

Look back on some of your predictions. Were your predictions correct? What has turned out differently?

Chapter 17

Read Mei's diary entry and say what you think is the secret that 'everyone is saying'.

Chapter  18

Write a paragraph about Mei 'dobbing' on Joel – what do you think  about it?

Chapter 19

Draw some part of this chapter of the  story.