Teacher Resources - 'The Keeper' chapter questions from Ray Hammat

Chapter questions compiled by Ray Hammat

After reading each chapter in 'The Keeper', answer each question in as much detail as  you can.

Chapter 1

1. What do we learn  about the following characters? What kind of people are they?
 Joel  Billings
 Shaun Houser
 Mei Pham

2. What situations have you been involved in, or have observed, at school that are similar to Joel's?

Chapter 2

1. What do you learn about Zoe Trenwith?

2. What difficulties arise for Joel having to explain  not having a mum and dad?

Chapter 3

1. What do we learn  about Gran's character?

2. How can you tell Joel knows a lot about fishing?

3. What is the ad Joel puts into the Sunday  Mail?

Chapter 4

1. Describe Joel's state of mind when he is confronted by Shaun (p.25).

2. Why do you think  Joel can't ignore him?

3. Why do you get the impression that Gran knows Zoe?

Chapter 5

1. Describe Dev  Eagle's appearance and Joel's reaction to him. (P29).

2. Why does Joel keep this a secret from Gran?

Chapter 6

1. Why is Joel proud of 'Sea Wolf'?

2. Choose one of the following:
 Write a poem  describing Dev.
 Draw a picture of him.

3. What do you think Dev stands for?

Chapter 7

1. Explain how Joel  gets into trouble with Ms Colby. (Pp 35, 36).

2. What is Dev's reaction? (P 36).

3. Explain Joel's problem with concentration. (P 37).

4. What are the 2 ways Joel thinks of himself? (Pp 38,39).

Chapter 8

1. "Why fight, Joel?" What are Dev's views? (Pp 42, 43).

2. Describe the scene of playing footy on the beach.

Chapter 9

1. What are the  things which upset Joel in this chapter?

Chapter 10

1. What does Joel  say about "keeping stuff in his head"? (p 49).

Chapter 11

1. What new  development regarding Zoe has happened? (P 57).

2. What questions arise  in Joel's mind about Dev? (P 52).

3. Mini-assignment- "Dev in the Drink" (p53-57). Write ½ --¾ page account of this, as if you were Dev.

Chapter 13

1. What questions  does Zoe ask Joel? (Pp 64, 65).

2. What responses does Joel give? Be specific. (P 64, 65, 66).

3. How does Mei describe Joel? (Pp 68, 69).

Chapter 14

1. What does Joel  reveal about his dad? (P 72).

2. What does Dev mean when he says Joel is a "smart kid"? (p 75, 76). How does Joel respond? (P 76).

3. What does Joel say about his grandad? (P75).

4. Joel asked Dev, "why did you come?" How does Joel respond to Dev's answer? (P 79)

5. What was the real reason  Dev came? (P 81). what are Joel's responses? (Pp 81,82).

6. What do we  learn from Mei about Joel? (Pp 83,84).

Chapter 15

1. Why is Zoe so angry about Dev coming to tea at Gran's with Joel? (Pp 88,89).

2. What  is Joel's response? (P 89). Explain why he reacts this way.

3. Why did Dev go to jail? (P 92).

4. What does Dev say about the prisoner who  believed in God? How does Joel respond? (P 93).

Chapter 16

1. What do you learn about Joel's past? (Pp 96-98).

2. Why doesn't Gran want Dev to be involved with Joel in the fishing competition? (P 99).

3. Write a letter  to Gran telling her why you want Dev to do this. Tell Gran about him as if you  were Joel?

Chapters 19 and 20

The Fishing  Competition Write one page from either Joel's, Zoe's or Dev's viewpoint.

 The preparation done by Joel
 The catch
 The results
 The presentation
 Dev leaving

Chapters 21-23

1. How are the events of these chapters "almost an unhappy ending"?


To explain the main points you have learned from the novel in an extended piece of writing (min. 700 words).

Review the novel as Gran or  an adult Shaun or an adult Joel. Explain what is discovered about the following:
 Joel's condition-how this affects him and how he copes with it.
 The mystery behind his family.
 How he deals with problems and  pressures, and how this changes.
 Why the fishing competition and Dev are so  important to him.
 How the novel shows that positive outcomes can arise out  of troubled situations.

Rough Drafts to be completed by__________________

Final piece is due on____________________________