Take the Zenna Dare trail

1 Map the Miner – on the left of the main road into town (p16)
2 The Mine – Perry St, on right, off the main road into town (p16, 278)
    The mine chimney (p 16, 279) and Bakers Flat (p176)
3 Clare Hotel – on left, on the main road into town  (p192)
4 Congregational Manse – Chapel St
(p16 ff) Note: Private residence.
5 Antique Shop – 67 Main Street  (p194)
6 Post Office – Main Street (p27, 159)
7 Deli – Main Street (p191 – it's implied only)
8 Sir John Franklin Hotel – Main Street (p175)
9 Library – Main Street  (p26, 91, 198)
10 Bakery   (p16)
11 Museum – Hill St  (p20 -the church spires Jenefer sees are the museum's,
p 79, 198)
12 Uniting Church – Church St  (p272)
13 The cottage Gweniver stayed before marriage – Cnr Waterhouse St  ( p96)
14 High School – West Tce   (p40 ff)
15 Davidson Reserve – Coghill St & Willow St (p64)
16 Dutton Park – Montefore St (p117 ff)
17 Cemetery – Clare Rd     (p209)
18 The Willows   (p176)
19 Pines Reserve – on Clare Road (p214)
20 Anlaby Station – access from Eudunda Rd (p160 ff, 174 ff, 180 ff)
21 The Camel Farm – access from Truro Rd (p154, 202)

Hint: change those little suns to number 8s.

First Impressions of Kapunda

Jenefer's first impression of Kapunda:
Then we're turning up this old street. Same old main street in every country town. Wide, and the buildings look like something out of a Western. I can imagine a lady in a long gray dress, a white apron, mob cap on her head, carrying a basket, coming from the bakery. Stone houses, old mine chimney. That's more of the history bit, I expect. (p 16)

Gweniver's first impression of Kapunda:
Kapunda is much like a mining town at home with the noise and dust. No one has planted a garden, and even the trees are sparse after the cutting of them for the mine. Mary gets her water from a barrel submerged at the back of the cottage, but Will has to cart it from the lower dam where the bullock drays and carts stop…Will has whitewashed the cottage to keep it cooler. Even so, I find it difficult to sleep at night for the heat and mosquitoes. Not only mosquitoes – ants, fleas and all sorts of vermin abound, even snakes! (p96)

What was your first impression of Kapunda?

The trip to Kapunda:

See Jenefer's journey (p 14ff)

See Gweniver's journey (p 92ff)

What was your journey to Kapunda like?

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