About Wolfchild

Younger Readers
Publisher: Lothian Books
DOP: 2003
ISBN: 0 7344 0482  4
price: $14.95

About Wolfchild

Who is the wolfchild hiding  in the high places? And why cannott he come near the hamlet?

Morwenna is not so afraid  of the wolf in the woods but is she brave enough to make friends with the  wolfchild?

Inspired by the Cornish legend of  the lost land of Lyonnesse, Wolfchild is the affirming story of Raw and his struggle to accept himself, and of Morwenna who helps him trust enough to  come across the stream. Raw must stay hidden for a year and a day, but when  catastrophe strikes, Morwenna decides friendship is more important than ancient  rules.

"Wolfchild is a vivid and beautiful story, carefully researched  and crafted. A delightful historical fantasy."
- Eva  Sallis.

"Wolfchild offers a welcome relief from books for this age group  determined only to use current jargons and idioms and speeded up shock effects."
- Prof Thomas  Shapcott.