About Sailmaker

ISBN 0 7344 0318 6
Publisher Lothian Books
Price $14.95
Catergory Younger Readers
Availability Available in all good bookshops, eg Dymocks

About Sailmaker

Joel is coming to terms with taking medication for ADD and is prickly about it, and he's worried that Dev, his 'Wanted Ad' Dad, won't stick around.

When Joel is out windsurfing he finds an abandoned tinny in the bay. He reports it to the police to discover that it belongs to the sailmaker who lives on the nearby island where a detention gang has been working. One of the prisoners has escaped, and now, thanks to Joel's discovery, is presumed drowned

When Joel's sail gets ripped, he visits the old sailmaker, Vern Solomon, who is so lonely he talks to his dog. Vern fixes Joel's sail, and scares him and his friend, Mei, with tales about the ghost that haunts the lighthouse.

Joel is determined to disprove the existence of Vern's 'ghost' but when he and Mei are stuck on the island in a storm they get more than they bargained for!