About The Keeper

ISBN 0 7344 0068 3
Publisher Lothian Books
Price $12.95
Catergory Younger Readers
Availability Available in all good bookshops

About The Keeper

Wanted: Dad for boy on York Peninsula. Must like fishing, fighting and fun. Boat license a must.

Joel Billings is in trouble. He's picked on; he never gets to go on the off shore father-son fishing competition. If only he had a dad. Brainwave: Joel puts an ad in the paper for one. It's a secret from Gran, of course, who mysteriously harps at Joel not to talk to strangers and Mei thinks it's a dangerous idea. Joel could end up with anybody. And he does.

What is he going to do now with his pretend dad? One with tats and leathers and a name like Dev Eagle? Everyone in town will freak when they find out. And find out they will when Joel and Dev enter the father-son fishing competition!

The Keeper: the story of a boy and a man, of a mystery, danger, and the unexpected. It's also a story of hope, of understanding for someone with a disorder and the fulfillment of a boy's dream.

"Hawke displays an unerring touch with the thoughts and emotions of a troubled youngster. A robust bracy style that doesn't falter or languish. A fine unsentimental story."
- Magpies, Vol 15 No 2 May 2000.

"Hawke is excellent at conveying the turbulence that takes over Joel's mind and the impotent anger which makes him lash out Joel's knotty, volatile but engaging character and the ramifications of the plot soon sweep them into the action and through a tense climax to a satisfying conclusion."
- Katherine England, The Advertiser, Mar 11, 2000.

"I loved Rosanne Hawke's latest book multi-layered story line covers many aspects which enable different age groups to enjoy The Keeper. An unusual storyline which will prove a hit in the 9-12 age group, but will also make excellent reading for Lower Secondary students."
- Cecile Ferguson, Lollipops, April/May 2000