About Yardil

About Yardil

Picture Book
Benchmark Publications
DOP: 2004

Sales for Yardil are now handled by Windy hollow Books. Their distributor is Peribo Books and can be found at URL www.peribo.com

Shazia longs for a snow leopard. but when she finds Yardil,
she learns that there is something more important than her own dream,
and everyone in her stair step village discovers the special gift of the
snow leopard.

Yardil is set in the Rumbur Valley of Chitral in
the North West Frontier Province of Pakistan where the Kalasha people
live. This story is inspired by the Kalasha people who still live out
their traditional culture.

Snow leopards are found in these
Hindu Kush mountains and are an endangered species. The forest in this
story also is endangered.