Cornish Links

Assisted transport or convict ships
Catapulted many Cornish into Australia.
Rough weather, fear, loneliness and death
Hindered many.
Poverty and a search for a new life
Drove them to the ends of the earth.

Many found nothing.
Bendigo and Ballarat did not exist
No affluence then
And camps waited for the pick and shovel
And strong Cornish shoulders
To discover precious gold.

Many died, many were injured
Amid the dust of the desert
While dreaming of the green fields of home,
The little chapels, the wayside crosses,
The small cock boats on the wide sea
Or the warmth of an ancient granite hearth.

Others with power and vision
Built fine towns and fair cities
Formed unions, raised new chapels,
Became mine leaders, politicians.
Out of the mine waste and the red dust
Was created a new Australia.

A new beginning
A Federation of States
Created by a Cornishman
Schools, arts and crafts,
Born of the desperation
And the courage of the Cornish,
Hewn from the solid rock.

Cornish names were still reverenced,
Achievements, customs,
Family links. Amid the new wealth
They did not forget their past.
Letters and twenty-first century emails
Renewed ties, strengthened Cornishness.

At the Lowender Kernewek,
A world-wide family united
Through knowledge, education,
Culture, language and choice
In love and friendship.
Now, around the globe
We live warmly in an
International Cornish world.

Ann Trevenen Jenkin (Bryallen) is a Bard and
former Grand Bard of Cornwall.

Cornish Ripples Near and Far (Crygyon Kernow Ogas ha Pell)  

and Ann Trevenen Jenkin's other books can be obtained from:
An Gernyk, Leedstown
Hayle TR27 6BA Cornwall UK

The next Kernewk Lowender (Cornish
Festival) will be held on the Yorke Peninsula in SA during 9-15th May
For information:

See a picture of
Ann Trevenen Jenkin and Rosanne Hawke in the Moonta Library at the 2005
Kernewek Lowender: